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Expert Pet Care Services and Rates in Kansas City by Sammy's Pet Care

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We use the innovative Time To Pet system to streamline all aspects of your pet care experience. Book your preferred services with just a few clicks, anytime, anywhere.

Real-time tracking and updates

Seamless communication

Directly message us through the app for quick and clear communication.

Customized Pet Profiles

Benefits Summary

Time To Pet not only simplifies the management of pet care services but also enhances the overall experience for both you and your pet.

Puppy and Dog Training Packages

Building Better Behaviors, Happier Homes.

Our customizable plans cater to your dog’s specific needs and your budget. Choose the perfect dog walking, pet sitting, dog grooming, and dog training package to ensure your furry friend gets the exercise and attention they deserve. Don’t miss out on these affordable and convenient dog walking options – book today!

Why choose us for dog walking

From 15-week-old puppies up to 2 years old

Introducing our Puppy Dog Walking Training Program – a specialized service tailored to instill proper leash manners and walking etiquette in your puppy from an early age. This program is designed to make walks enjoyable and stress-free for both you and your furry friend. We focus on teaching your puppy how to walk calmly on a leash, respond to cues, and behave appropriately in various outdoor environments.

dog walker kansas city

    • Overnight Stays are $150. Sorry for the inconvenience, this is because we ensure our dedicated team members are fairly compensated for their attentive and loving care throughout the night. To compensate instead we have implemented Vacation Packages.

    • *Must book 48 hours in advance or there may be a Last-minute booking fee of $10. This is to ensure we can give all pets the best care possible and manage our time and trips more efficiently. Thanks for understanding.

    • A 50% deposit is required for your appointment to be booked. 

    • Our standard service area is 10 miles from Parkville. We do service outside of this, but it may be subject to an extra mileage fee of $1.50/mile both ways.

Prices are subject to change. The pricing listed here is updated as of 10/19/2023.

Standard Dog Walk 

30 minutes starting at $26
60 minutes starting at $50

Introducing our ’30-Minute Dog Walk’ – a perfect blend of exercise, exploration, and enjoyment for your four-legged friend. Every dog is unique, and our skilled walkers ensure that each stroll is adapted to your pet’s energy levels and interests. Whether it’s a brisk walk for the energetic pup or a leisurely pace for the older ones, we’ve got it covered.

    • Extra dog: +$5 per 30 minutes

    • Puppy rate: +$4 per 30 minutes

    • Weekends: +$4

    • Outside standard hours (8 am – 8 pm): +$5

    • Holidays: +$10

Standard Pet Visit

Time Frames:

AM 8-10
PM 2-4 & 6-8

Enjoy peace of mind with our Drop-In service, tailored for those essential, quick check-ins. We’ll ensure your pet is well-fed, hydrated, and has some time to move around. If you lack outdoor space or want your dog to enjoy more outdoor activity, please look into our dedicated Dog Walking service.

20 minutes starting at $20
30 minutes starting at $25
60 minutes starting at $50


      • Extra dog: +$4

      • Puppy rate: +$4

      • Weekends: +$4

      • Outside standard hours (8 am – 8 pm): +$5

      • Holiday rate: +$10



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